Digicore is a genre that is very internet based. It is music made by people on the internet, inspired by the internet, and for people on the internet. One of the main things about the genre that first jumped out to me was how young the artists are. That's why I used to believe that digicore is the future of music (I still kind of do), because it's the music that the youth are creating and consuming. I delve into the gripes I have with the genre here, so I will be spending the rest of this page talking about the genre in a more positive light.

For me, one of the biggest reasons I became so enamored with digicore is that I am the target demographic. I grew up on the internet, listening to dubstep, nightcore, and edm. Hearing these fused with modern trap and pop sensibilities, I immediately fell in love. Like most others, the project that really made it click for me was 1000 gecs . The project just exudes fun. I remember reading their interview and AMA on Reddit. They said that they just make the music that they want to, not being restricted by anything. And all of that really comes out in this project: the fun bouncy early 2000s video game beat followed by the worst drop that you'll ever hear on "745 sticky", the ska inspired rock beat in "stupid horse", and the warping synths in the beginning of "hand crushed by a mallet" that seems to transport to a different dimension.