Who is s2fr_?

I am s2fr_ (placeholder artist name). You can find my Soundcloud here, although I haven't posted anything.This is the only work I can feel any sense of pride in creating. And here is a bunch of work that inspires me. And I got into producing, because in my first year, I got placed into a suite with two producers and immediately became really close to them. I spent a lot of time sitting behind them in their DAWs, watching them make beats from nothing and I was really amazed at their skill and talent.

Eventually one of them shared the cracked version of FL Studio with me, but I couldn't figure out how to use the keygen. I wasn't able to ask him for help, because we had a falling out. It wasn't until this school year that I figured out how to install and use FL Studio. And when it all finally clicked, it was so much fun.

This website was made to discuss about digicore and its flaws. You should take the information from this website with a grain of salt, because I am not an ambassador of digicore. The only credibility I have is that I am a consumer of digicore and digicore-adjacent music, and I made a singular beat. So, do not take my words as law.